“Thank you for assisting my clients over the years with their real estate issues and complex market analyses. Your diligence and efforts are much appreciated”

– Jason M. Tani, Partner: Rush Moore LLP Attorneys at Law I 2014


“Eddie put us at ease and answered our questions. After completing some preparations for showing suggested by Eddie, we listed the condo. We were in escrow a few days later getting a better price than we had anticipated. We highly recommend Eddie — he is full of energy and enthusiasm to get the job done.”

– John Buker and Larry Crookston I 2013




“You and your company have really done a terrific job in arranging the temporary loan and performing your duties in the sale of the property in a very timely manner.”

– Ethel Okamoto I 2013



We were especially impressed with your “behind the scenes” support that is so critical to a successful sale. You kept us well informed on the legal intricacies of the process and offered excellent instructions on how to respond to the offer we received. We have been involved in many real estate transactions, and found the level of communication with you to far exceed that we’ve received in the past. We are profoundly grateful for your support and wish you all the best with your new company.”
– Larry and Carol Jones l 2013
 2013 Reference letter Jones 2013

“From my first purchase in August of 2009 of a condo in Makaha Surfside, to my latest one of a house at 84-510 Farrington Hwy in Makaha, your agency has guided me through the purchase of eleven (11!) investment properties, five of which he also helped me sell at a considerable profit, and the remaining six I am holding for cash flow to supplement (actually, to surpass), my retirement pension income. So much for those who say you can’t cash flow in Hawaii–when you’re working with the right agency, and the right agent, you can!
– William R. Harvey l Real Estate Investor l 2012
2012 Reference letter Harvey 2012

Japanese Reference Letter

– Sonoko Armenio l 2005


2005 Japanese Reference

“He structured a very creative agreement of sale with protections for all involved and an amortization schedule that satisfied both our needs. If you are considering using Mr. Brinkman for any of your real estate needs, please know I highly recommend him.”
– Frank Cronin & Irene Doucet l 1999


“He was diligent in all aspects of the transaction and made use of his obvious expertise, experience and knowledge. I recommended Eddie to my family, friends and fellow pilots. They have all been equally pleased and impressed with his results. Not only is he an experienced professional but also a person of excellent moral character.”

– Captain Luis F. Escalante l United Airlines l 1998


1998 united airlines reccomendation

“I was most pleased with the degree of client service he had been providing and the client loyalty that resulted from it. It was a sound, well conceived and well run business. So much so, that we ended up closing on the final sale a few months earlier than originally planned.”
– Bob Cook l Captain Cook & Associates l 1995
1995 Captain Cook

“Thank you for your communication urging my support for the repeal of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 57 percent limitation rule on closing costs, and the increase in the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) maximum mortgage limit. Thank you for sharing your views with me on this matter of importance to your industry and to Hawaii residents.”
– Daniel Inouye l United States Senator l 1992
 1992 Inouye letter

“Thank you very much for your prompt arrangement done for me. I was impressed by your efficiency.”
– Kunio Masuko l Academy Shuppan Co l 1992
1992 academy shuppan

“I was especially impressed and delighted with the fact that you were able to find a buyer in a tight market and to structure a unique deal that met both of our needs. We never could have done it without you.”
– Stuart Bowyer l University of California, Berkeley l 1991
1991 Boyer reference

“If it wasn’t for you, we would still be renting. Your help with “creative” financing really made it happen.”

– Sayoko Burgon l JTB Hawaii, Inc l 1988         


1988 JTB Sayoko reference